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When it comes to flattering a big group of friends or family, just order a delicious subway platter. Subway has the most variety in their platter, making everyone enjoy. Subway has a meaty and veggie option on its platter with various tasty flavors.

Thinking about throwing a party; just order a subway party platter. The platter will give the best meal with variety and taste. The platter is large enough to feed a group of people and give the best taste. We have healthy and meaty options to make all our customers happy and satisfied.

Check out subway’s platter menu and choose the best one. It has a good variety:

Sub Platter

Sub platter is ideal when you want to have a small but decent gathering. The platter contains 16 perfect three-inch sandwiches to feed your social or business gathering guests. The platter can taste the best if you add a little sideline like cookies, drinks, or crisps. Make a complete meal add your favorite sidelines, and impress your friends.

Lite Platter

A Lite platter is best for a lite meal. The platter is full off all the lite sandwiches on the menu; it includes Ham, Turkey, Chicken Breast, and Veggie Delite. You can enjoy this lite platter as much as you want because it’s Lite and full of delicious sandwiches. All these sandwiches are lite and absolutely delicious, so don’t worry about gaining weight or anything.

Classic Platter

The classics are just incomparable to any of those sandwiches out there. These tasty classics will make your loved ones the biggest feast. The combo of Tuna, Turkey, Spicy Italian, Chicken Breast, and Veggie Delite is just perfect. The sandwiches are in a perfect size and enough for everyone to enjoy.

Meat Feast Platter

Call all your favorite meat eater partners and have a feast. Subway platter offers a complete meat feast full of meaty sandwiches. Turkey Breast, Chicken Breast, Ham, and Formed meat all these in one platter to make it a feast. The platter is delicious and perfect for a group of carnivores. There are many delicious options to choose from and enjoy the party.

Plant-Based Platter

On a serious diet plan but want to have a subway party, worry; no more subway has you covered by providing this delicious Plant-Based platter full of delicious sandwiches. The plant-based platter has all our healthy and fresh vegetable sandwiches for the cautious dieters. All the sandwiches are full of fresh, juicy, and crunchy vegetables for all these herbivores. So call a bunch of plant-eaters, feast with your favorite Plant-based Platter, and have a great time.


What are the types of meat used in sandwiches?

Bacon, Chicken, Tuna, and Beef are all high quality and fresh to give the unique taste and tender texture to melt and help you taste all the flavors.

Are there replacements available for allergies?

Yes, we have two kinds of replacements; one replacement can be made by placing all the sandwich stuffing in a wrap or serving the stuffing in a big bowl to enjoy. All the stuffing used in sandwiches can be served in wraps or a big bowl.

Do prices differ according to location or area?

Yes, the prices can definitely differ according to location, but mostly the prices don’t differ according to the areas. The price list can be viewed online and doesn’t differ more than 1 or 2 dollars.

How is the sandwich’s bread so fresh and soft?

Our breads are soft and fluffy as we don’t use yesterday’s leftovers and freshly bake breads in the morning. The leftovers can get a bit hard and rough, so it is always baked fresh in the morning to give that fresh, fluffy look and taste.

What do you add to your veggie sandwiches?

We add many kinds of fresh vegetables like cucumber, capsicum, tomatoes, lettuce, and carrots. But we can customize the veggie sandwich according to your needs and make it to your heart’s desire to enjoy your dieting.

Do you also provide Toppings and Extras now?

Yes, we officially provide Toppings, Extras, and Sides now. Toppings include all the juicy and fresh vegetables with exquisite sauces to enhance the flavor, and extras include bacon and cheese.


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