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Subway’s specialty is their extraordinary delicious sandwiches. These sandwiches are all so delicious that you wouldn’t want to eat sandwiches anywhere else. The sandwiches are stuffed with exotic and tastiest stuffing and fluffiest bread. The sandwiches have multiple options to choose from and hundreds of varieties.
Subway sandwiches are very healthy and tasty to eat when you need a snack or even make it a complete meal. Our subway sandwiches menu has multiple subway sandwich options and varieties.


These sandwiches are legit and extravagant to eat. The sandwiches have endless varieties with different meat options and a combination of cheese and vegetables to make them yummier and extraordinary.

1; Sweet Onion Steak Teriyaki

2; Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki

3; Mozza Meat

4; Supreme Meats

5; All-American Club

6; Baja Chicken & Bacon

7; Baja Steak & Jack

8; Baja Turkey Avocado

9; Black Forest Ham

10; Buffalo Chicken

11; Chicken & Bacon Ranch

12; Cold Cut Combo

13; Honey Mustard Rotisserie-Style Chicken

14; Italian B.M.T.

15; Meatball Marinara

16; Oven Roasted Turkey

17; Roast Beef

18; Rotisserie-Style Chicken

19; Spicy Italian

20; Turkey “Cali Fresh

21; Steak “Cali Fresh”

22; Steak & Cheese

23; Subway Club

24; Tuna

25; Veggie Dilate

You are offered these endless varieties making the perfect meal and providing the right taste. The sandwiches are all very healthy unique, and extremely tasty to forget; this taste will not leave your mind for years. We are mostly called Subway sandwiches; no one’s taste can match ours out there.


What are the types of meat used in sandwiches?
Bacon, Chicken, Tuna, and Beef are high quality and fresh to give the unique taste and tender texture to melt and help you taste all the flavors.

Are there replacements available for allergies?
Yes, we have two kinds of replacements. One replacement can be made by placing all the sandwich stuffing in a wrap or serving the stuffing in a big bowl to enjoy. All the stuffing that are used in sandwiches can be exactly served in wraps or a big bowl.

Do prices differ according to location or area?
Yes, the prices can differ according to location, but mostly the prices don’t differ according to the areas. The price list can be viewed online, and it doesn’t differ more than 1 or 2 dollars.

How are the sandwiches’ bread so fresh and soft?
Our bread is soft and fluffy as we don’t use leftovers from yesterday and freshly bake lof of bread in the morning. The leftovers can get a bit hard and rough, so it is always baked fresh in the morning to give that fresh and fluffy look and taste.

What do you add to your veggie sandwiches?
We add many kinds of fresh vegetables like cucumber, capsicum, tomatoes, lettuce, and carrots. But we can customize the veggie sandwich according to your needs and make it to your heart’s desire to enjoy your dieting.

Do you also provide Toppings and Extras now?
Yes, we officially provide Toppings, Extras, and Sides now. Toppings include all the juicy and fresh vegetables with exquisite sauces to enhance the flavor, and extras include bacon and cheese.



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