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What are the new subway menu items



Subway introduced its brand new menu refresh Tuesday, a lineup of 12 chef-created sandwiches the chain is looking the “Subway Series.” The new menu launches systemwide on July 5.

The sandwiches function the upgraded components added in Subway’s Eat Fresh, Refresh” campaign delivered last July.

These include top rate Italian deli meats, steak, clean mozzarella, rotisserie fowl, avocado and numerous new condiments, in addition to new and stepped forward artisan breads, now baked at every area.


Customers can nonetheless construct their own subs from these components and plenty of greater. But the 12 builds in the Subway Series, evolved through the chain’s Senior Vice President of Culinary & innovation Paul Fabre and his group, layer flavors and ingredients that complement each different to decorate drapeability.

“These are the 12 exceptional sandwiches ever created at Subway,” stated Fabre, throughout a presentation last month. “We had all the equipment in our toolbox to create the appropriate lineup with the great combinations.”

The Subway Series is divided into four organizations:

Italians, Cheesesteaks, Chicken and Clubs, with three sandwiches falling into every.

RB editors were treated to a preview tasting of 7 subs during the presentation. A non-public favored of mine become The Great Garlic, a rotisserie fowl sub layered with bacon, provolone, lettuce, tomatoes and purple onions drizzled with creamy Roasted Garlic Aioli. The aioli is the simplest new SKU brought in to for the Subway Series.

“The roasted garlic aioli uses three extraordinary garlic flavors,” said Fabre, adding that guests had long been asking for this flavor profile as a sandwich addition.

“Customers can now get the aioli on any sandwich.

The 11 other sandwiches are built from elements already in Subway’s large pantry, including current condiment add-ons like peppercorn ranch and vinaigrette. The latter is going mainly nicely on the Italians.

The Supreme Meats, as an example, layers true Italian cold cuts, along with Genoa salami, pepperoni and capicola with Black Forest Ham, provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, purple onions and banana peppers.

The greater-meaty sandwich is topped off with parmesan vinaigrette.

A hot meatball sub referred to as “The Boss” replicates the kind of sandwich you’d get from an Italian grandma. Subway sources precooked meatballs and heats them up in marinara sauce, then provides clean mozzarella and pepperoni.

It’s piled on toasted Italian Herbs & Cheese bread for an antique-world ingesting experience.

Fabre preimmunized the three sandwiches within the cheesesteak institution by means of doubling the cheese.

The Monster layers steak, bacon, inexperienced peppers, purple onions and a double part of Monterey cheddar, topped off with peppercorn ranch.

The Philly, which become the maximum popular throughout the Subway Series take a look at, is stacked with double the provolone.

The All-American Club is toward a conventional Subway sandwich than some of the others. It features oven-roasted turkey, Black Forest Ham, bacon and American cheese crowned with lettuce, tomatoes, pink onions and mayo.

While customization has historically been a promoting factor for Subway, the brand new center menu makes ordering and execution easier, and eliminates the “selection paralysis” customers might also experience after they walk into one of the 21,000 places.

When the brand new menu changed into tested over a couple of months in Wichita, Kan., Fort Meyers, Fla. And Toledo, Ohio, 50% of clients ordered the brand new sandwich builds as is, in line with Subway.

One of the risks of customization, stated Fabre, is the guest who creates a sub with ingredients or flavors that clash—like including cucumbers to a meatball sub.

That sort of faux pas might also maintain that consumer from returning to Subway.

During the presentation, Fabre and Trevor Haynes, the chain’s North American president, said that visitors can anticipate extra “set” builds to be introduced over the years.

There may also be more iterations in device and technology at the shop degree “to move in line with visitor demands.”

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